Products: Gin Ribs

The Vandergriff Rib was designed in 1994 by Mr. Vandergriff. It is precision-machined by Mr. Chris Nachtmann of CNC Performance Engineering, Charlotte, North Carolina. His family has been machining this rib for 19 years, and is an integral part of the Vandergriff Inc. operations, from ribs to conversions. This rib has become the rib of choice for gin plants that desire a high performance rib to go with the significant investment they make in their gin stands. Vandergriff ribs are manufactured in the USA from start to finish. They are not a cheap cast rib made in China, India, or Pakistan. All gin stand manufacturers choose to cut corners with gin ribs. You don't have to.

Game Changer Ribs For Continental Gin Stands

Starting with the 2015 season, we will be offering what we called "game changer" ribs for 141 and 161 saw gin stands. We have slightly tweaked the profile to allow better seed discharge, and have beefed up the area under the wearplate for more strength. We will only offer the older style ribs as replacement parts now, and they will eventually be phased out altogether. We will of course install these 181 game changers in our conversions. They are an integral part of the increased capacity.

Lummus and Ribs

We offer ribs for Lummus 108, 116, 158 and 170 Model gin stands. These ribs have been running in Lummus Gin Stands for 19 years. They are precision machined from 1018 steel forgings. Made in the USA. The quality shows. These ribs are not manufactured using an inferior casting process that is weaker and not nearly as accurate.

Consolidated Ribs

We have been working on making a rib for the 164 and 198 saw gin stands. Their current rib is of an older Vandergriff Design, and is manufactured using a casting process that Vandergriff Inc. has nothing to do with. Our rib will be precision machined like our others from 1018 Steel forgings using Mr. Vandergriff's production drawings. We will also be able to provide ribs for their 184 and 222 saw gins as well, which are "products of Vandergriff Research." With a narrower gin rib, it is essential that you have a strong, accurate CNC machined rib to handle heavier loads. You need to put a real Vandergriff Rib rib in these Products of Vandergriff Research, don't ya think?